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Saint Augustine
Ambrosio Armijo House and Store
Old Town Albuquerque

For many years the Ambrosio Armijo House and Store, facing west on San Felipe, was a lively family home.

In the foyer of the house is a 125 year old staircase said to be imported from Spain in 1872 by Don Ambrosio De Armijo for his daughter’s wedding. The tall staircase was needed to accommodate the 30 foot long train of his daughter’s wedding dress.

While continuing to serve as the Armijo residence, portions of the building housed a “mercantile store in which gentlemen’s linen underwear could be purchased for $1 and dainty ladies’ lace gloves sold for 10 cents a pair.”

Since 1931, the Armijo House has been the home of the La Placita Dining Rooms, one of the oldest continuous serving restaurants in New Mexico. Southwestern theme frescoes are painted on the wall of each of its dining rooms.

La Placita Dining Room The original home was constructed with an enclosed center courtyard which has long been closed. However, a mature cottonwood tree planted for shade at the time still lives. The restaurant's main dining room was constructed around the tree with an opening in the roof to accommodate the growing tree. From the outside, I could see the tree towering over the restaurant's roof.

On a daily basis, tourists hunt for bargains from vendors who sell their hand made jewelry and other wares on blankets laid out under the front portal of the restaurant.

The building, thought to be haunted by four spirits, is a stop on the nightly paranormal phenomena tour.

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