The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
Saint Augustine

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Bermuda’s history began in 1609 when a storm blew a Jamestown, Virginia bound British ship off course. Although the ship wrecked on the island’s east-end reef, all of the 150 people on board survived. In the ten months that followed, the sailors and settlers built two new ships out of local Bermuda cedar then continued toward Jamestown. Two volunteers agreed to stay behind to preserve the British claim on the island.

Today, Bermuda is a self-governing British Crown Colony.  Seven main island and about 130 smaller island make up the archipelago of Bermuda. Its semi-tropical climate, sunny skies, pink sand beaches, and welcoming residents attract tourists from all over the world.

I spent five fabulous days in Bermuda and loved every minute of it. Watch the below video of the island's most popular attractions and you'll understand why I'd go back to that island paradise in a heart beat.

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