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Dehang Village

The village of Dehang, in the Hunan province in south central China, is located in a 63 square mile Geological Park. The village is home to about 80 families of the Miaonian minority, one of China’s 55 ethnic minority groups.

Dehang, a small, quaint village where residents continue to live just as they have for centuries, is set among towering limestone karst formations. Dehang means beautiful village. On the bright sunny day that I visited, the scenery was simply breathtaking.

A tour guide led my small tour group of five people on a three hour round trip hike through the village, along a clear, gentle stream and pass terraced rice fields awaiting the next planting. Many mountain goats fed on the tangled brush on the mountainside.

The trail threaded up the gentle incline to the Liusha Waterfall, our destination. Liusha is billed as China’s tallest waterfall. Its light swaying veil drops 700 feet into a blue-green lake at the base of the fall and onto boulders surrounding the lake. The lush green mossy cliffside around the waterfall was aided by the spray from the fall.

After admiring the waterfall from below, our intrepid group couldn’t resist the urge to climb the stone pathway that led up the hill and behind the waterfall’s plunge. The path was slippery, but the scenery was magnificent.

Here are some of the photos that I took during my visit. Double click on any photo to view the gallery in full screen.

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