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Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Photo Gallery
- Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic is the oldest continuously inhabited European settlement in the New World. It was started by settlers who sailed to the west with Christopher Columbus in 1492. Although many of the original dwellings built by the settlers exist today only as protected ruins, many of the others have been rehabilitated or repurposed to serve the city's thriving tourist trade.
Santo Domingo Walking Tour - Santo Domingo is said to have more than 300 historic monuments, churches, streets and residences. You’d need far more than a couple of days to simply speedwalk pass most of them. But what fun would that be? Needless to say, you’d learn very little about their importance in the history of the country or the New World. This two-part walking itinerary includes some of the most important historic sites in the city's Colonial Zone and gives you an easy, leisurely route to see them.

Gates of Santo Domingo - In the early history of the Santo Domingo, the entire area known today as the colonial zone was surrounded on three side by a continuous defensive wall or murralla in Spanish. The south side of the city was protected by the cliffs and ridges of the Caribbean Sea. Entry into the city was controlled through one of four gates. Although most of the murralla has been destroyed, three of the four original gates still exist.

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