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Saint Augustine
Florencio Zamora Store
Old Town Albuquerque

Most of Albuquerque's Old Town buildings are covered by a relatively smooth layer of adobe mud or cement over sun baked mud and straw bricks.

However, the painted white Florencio Zamora House is constructed with bricks made from a mud mixture stirred in a horse driven pug mill, a machine with internal blades that stirred and kneaded the mud as the horse walked in circles around the mill. The mixture was then extruded to be formed into bricks.

From 1893 to 1898, Florencio Zamora ran a butcher and grocer operation in the building. Located at 301 Romero Street, the building also served as an Albuquerque post office.

Today it is home of the Aceves Old Town Basket & Rug Shop.

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