The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
Saint Augustine
Brookside Gardens - The 50 acres of Brookside Gardens has something for everyone who loves beautiful surroundings. It has both formal and informal gardens with perennial flowers, a variety of seasonal annuals, stately trees, lovely water features, and a wide path that meanders around the garden perimeter. Brookside Gardens is a pleasurable place any time of the year.
Strathmore Mansion Sculpture GardenThe outdoor Sculpture Garden on the grounds of the Strathmore Mansion in North Bethesda, MD provides an ideal venue to examine larger than life sized pieces situated in a variety of settings winding through the Mansion’s 11 acres of landscaped grounds. Each piece is unique and varied and created using a variety of materials including polymer cement, steel, wood and bronze. Most of the artists have a local connection to the Greater Washington, DC area either as a student or faculty member at a local university or pursuing their craft in a local studio.  

The Sandy Spring Slave Museum and African Art Gallery is a cultural gem in one of Montgomery County Maryland’s most historical cities. Museum exhibits document the significant African/ African American contributions in the building of America.
The shady corner lot is home to structures, statues, and a museum building that focus on the heritage of Blacks and are symbolic of struggles that began with the origins and forced migration from Africa and continues to this day.

The Dennis and Phillip Ratner Museum is one of two or three of its kind in the world devoted to portraying religious art. Most of the earth-tone pieces stand two to three feet tall and are made by shaping and welding steel pods and covering them with an artificial clay called Proform. Some of the statues include Joseph and his coat of many colors, Jericho, Jonah and the whale, Adam's Rib, Noah's Arc and many others.

F. Scott Fitzgerald Grave
Francis Scott Fitzgerald and his beloved Zelda lie together in an unpretentious Catholic graveyard next to a busy street in Rockville, Maryland. Thousands of people drive pass the gravesite each day but most of them have no idea that one of America’s most famous writers is buried in the old graveyard. 

 Beall-Dawson House - The nearly 200 year old Federal style Beall-Dawson House in Rockville, Maryland is one of only a handful of buildings in the city from its era. It is beautifully decorated in period pieces and tells the story of Upton Beall and his family through three generations. Historians conclude that the house was completed in 1815 and therefore flies a flag with 15 stars and 15 stripes, the flag adopted after Kentucky and Vermont were admitted to the Union. When the house was completed, Rockville had a permanent population of 200 residents and 38 other buildings. Nearly 200 years later, the city’s population is closing in on 60,000 with thousands of buildings. The Beall-Dawson house still stands as a testament to grace, style, quality and craftsmanship. The house is on the National Register of Historic Places.

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