The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
Saint Augustine
The Sounds of Music and More
 Like people who live in Washington, DC, Paris, France,  Rome, Italy or other destination cities for travelers from all over the world, many residents of beautiful Old Town Salzburg are a bit surprised when visitors fawn about the beauty of their hometown.  Not only is the city forever linked to The Sound of Music, it has stunning scenery which includes dreaming spires, romantic gardens, the 1077 mountaintop Hohensalzburg Fortress among its other attractions.  The tourist-per-capita ratio of Salzburg is higher than Venice or Florence.

This UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Site lays claim to Mozart as its most famous son and dedicates a full week each year to celebrate and perform his music.  Over 4,000 music and theatre events of different genres are held in the city throughout the year.  And when you’re ready for a different cultural activity, there is a wide selection of museums and galleries.
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