The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.
Saint Augustine

Travel Tips

Mobile Phone
As soon as you board the plane for your international flight, put your phone on airplane mode. Forgetting to do this and you'll get an unpleasant surprise when you return home. Why? Your phone keeps checking the internet and email over the cellular network in each new country.

Best Way to Access Email When on an International Trip

Your best option for checking email is to turn on your phone's Wi-Fi then find a Wi-Fi hot spot. In room free Wi-Fi is available in some hotels. Also, free Wi-Fi is often available in the lobby area of many hotels that do not provide free in-room access. Beware. Sometimes guests are limited in the amount of time each device can access the hotel's free Wi-Fi each day. This daily limitation may be as little as 30 minutes. If you have more than one device - a mobile phone, netbook or mobile laptop - you can probably get the maximum daily time on each device.

Other Ways to Keep In Touch During International Travel

• Skype is an inexpensive way to chat with friends and family back home to tell them what a great time you're having. Download the app before you leave home, set up the account and load at least the minimum amount just in case of emergencies. If you set up an automatic replenishment, you eliminate worries about using up your entire balance. 
• You can also chat over the internet using Facetime (for Apple phones). It's free but both parties must have the app.
• For travel lasting more than a week or so, you should also consider buying a cheap prepaid phone.

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